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About me

Hi, Nelio is my name.  I am of Italian decent, I am 53 years old and a father of 3 beautiful children.  I live in a beautiful coastal town on the southern tip of Western Australia call Albany.

Family is my world and helping people is my desire after struggling through two divorces and hitting the walls of depression.  I managed to turn my life around.

My true desire is to help other people that have walked the same paths. I am and Author and a Life Creation Coach and I love the life that I am living.  I empower people get up and start loving life so life can love you back. I help people to understand where they came from to where they would love to be in life right now.   I'm excited to share my journeys on how I reshaped my life with gratitude, love and joy.

It all starts with a little bit of gratitude, a lot of love and plenty of joy.


Together we can.

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“Nelio is a warm caring man, with so much wisdom, knowledge and fun! Nelio has helped me through some very deep pain and has helped my see my smile again. Nelio reminds us all to laugh in these crazy times we live in, and to recognise the importance of Gratitude in our day to day lives. Thank you Nelio for your help and guidance for being the wonderful man you are. Gratitude, Love and Joy"


“From the moment I connected with Nelio, I knew in my heart that he is someone who is truly committed to sharing love and hope in our world.  The light and warmth that so powerfully emanates through him provides people with a feeling of safety, connection and awakening that living their best life is truly possible. Despite the challenges Nelio has experienced and continues to overcome, he finds a way to stay connected to his mission and purpose to make sure he inspires and empowers those he meets. I am honoured to have met him, to be someone who gets to witness his journey and to call him my friend. I am truly proud for you and grateful that in this big Universe with billions of people and all the paths we can cross on this journey called life, our paths have crossed and will be forever connected with each other."


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