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People in Park


Building a community of happy people

"It takes courage to change peoples hearts"

Image by Greg Rakozy


Hello my name is Nelio and to all you grateful people out there thank you for joining me. Our mission at gratefultribe is not to save the planet because the planet doesnt need saving. We at gratefultribe would love to take you on a journey back to your heart. If you have fallen it is time to get up and start living again to start to loving again and that starts with courage. Now thank You is the two most powerful words we all can use, and at gratefultribe would love to bring gratitude back to our hearts.


Humans love to be appreciated and by  showing more gratitude it brings out the best in people it makes us kinder, more generous and more loving towards each other.


When you are grateful you are never wanting you appreciate all you have in your life. Gratitude makes us notice the little things we take for granted.There are 86400 seconds in a day have you used one of those seconds in given thanks today?

It is not happy people that are grateful it is grateful people that are happy. Here at gratefultribe we teach the three steps to fulfilling your life. Those three steps are Gratitude for the small things which brings us to Love and with love that brings us to joy.


We all must learn to love one another and make it a better world to live in for not only ourselves but for our children. We must all live gratitude breath it feel it that is the love of being truly loved. Happiness is the outter joy gratitude thats inner joy. Life is the journey back to your heart that is what we need to follow. I am Nelio thank you.



We first need to be kind to one another and only then can we save this beautiful planet of ours.

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